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Gia Portelli's wonderful collection of old world classic Italian desserts. This book is unlike any other collection of recipes, ideas and techniques. Many recipes in.
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My mouth is drooling for some good biscotti. Squirrel, I lived in Sicily for 30 years of my life and sounds like you are talking about our traditional sicilian birthday cake. The sponge cake is the Pan di Spagna that we soak in some alcoholic liquid usually is Vermout. The vanilla pudding is called Crema Pasticciera that is a very rich egg based cream so sometime we use instead crema chantilly which is the same crema Pasticciera mixed with some whipped cream.

Usually we add diced or mini strawberries to the cream. And then like you said it is frosted with whipped cream and finished with pistachio or hazelnuts on the sides. Stefania, Grazie! If you have some fotos of theitalian desserts, send them in and I will post them. Hi, Great site. My italian grandmother used to make two things that I cannot locate anywhere in stores or online.

But, this pastry she made was with dough and had raisins, walnuts all in between the spirals. The end result was probably about 4 to 6 inches wide. Second dessert was made of dough too. Pretty sure it had a little wine it and was fried and then finished in a coating of honey. They looked like little barrels maybe an inch or two in length and kind of thick.

Thanks Dino. Did you ever discover the name of the second dessert mentioned in this comment dough balls with honey? It was deep fried and topped with honey and I really wish I could make them. If anyone out there knows this recipe please email me. Oh by the way she was Cicilian. She also used to make a desert that looked Lila a ravioli filled and topped with honey.

Thank you. I just came across this site. Hope this helps! I too am second generation Italian and I am always looking for and interested in traditional Italian food.

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Thanks for all the great information. Love the website. I am looking for a recipe for a pastry my mother called cherry pita. It had yeast in the dough which was bottom layer, then you Made a thickened layer using canned cherries, drizzled this with a powdered sugar glaze and sprinkled with chopped walnuts.

You could also use pineapple. She made it every year at Christmas and the recipe is not clear. Thanks for any help. Great list, but the ONE I am searching for is not mentioned. In the more simple coffee shops and even at the street vendors outside the coliseum, there is a dense pastry filled with what tasted like crumbly chocolate and crushed hazelnuts. The pastry was heavy and fairly solid.

The top had chocolate glaze spread on it. I wish it would tell me more about the dessert Confetti. Look online for Jordan almonds. They were traditionally given as wedding favors. A simple square of net was filled, thent he sides were gathered up and tied with ribbon and a wedding couple tag. There are many sweet dough breads, many with eggs baked inside, thatare popluar around Easter.

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Depending on the region of Italy, they different ingredients and names. Cake boss is probably from Naples or Sicily, so i imagine their bread is typical of one of those areas. Hello, our family has my husbands grandmothers cookie press. It is not round like the ones for the pizzella but square. Looking in families Tuscany cookbooks the region where they were from I see a word referring to it as a schiacca and the cooked product as brigidino. Can you give me any insight to this.

Why did the Italians select these specific letters? No mystery there. Dough is easy to cut into strips and roll, then shape into S or O. Just a provincial shape, nothing more. It sounds like screw-ya-dell……they say throughout the seasons…..

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Thanks for your help! I am looking for a pastry that I used to get in Newark NJ. It looks like a little pie and they have a cross on top. Chocolate has been consumed since as far back as the earliest recorded history. You can try volunteering to bake cupcakes as your gift for the birthday celebration or come prepared by making a special gift of treats for the celebrant then handing out smaller portions for the party to enjoy. They were usually full of flavour along with the range of different types of fruity jellies was large — so I was in heaven.

This pastry was most popular with Italian families in New England, mostly served at weddings.


It tastes sweet and milky, and it has a very white color to it. I may have the spelling wrong. I have heard of a talented young chef who died in Italy in the s traffic accident, I think and who had developed an innovative and delicious cake. My family was from Avellino and my grandmother always made Easter cookies in the shape of the Sacred Heart with a hard boiled egg in the center with. Cross over it. Can you help? Recipe for crystals. They are tolled very thin.

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And deep fried for about seconds. Then dusted with powdered sugar. Very light cookie. Does any one have a recipe?

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Or is there another name for this cookie? All Magro Group employees celebrated this festive season together with good food, company and nice atmosphere. The launching activity took place at 'Tal-Massar' Winery, a craft wine maker on the outskirts of the village of Gharb in Gozo. Chairman of Magro Brothers' Group, Mr John Magro gave a presentation outlining the four flavours of 'Tan-Nar Cheese' which will be available in local shops in the coming weeks. He hosted a tasting session where he paired some of the wines from the local estate with the four different kinds of Tan-Nar cheese whilst describing the characteristics of each individual cheese and how they complement the full-bodied textures of the wines that were present.

Tan-Nar cheese, is a semi-hard artisan Maltese cheese boasting centuries of cheese-making heritage and skill. It matures at a slower rate than the Maltese Gbejna or Gibniet and its characteristic taste peaks after aging for sixteen weeks and remains relatively stable for considerable time.

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Using time-tested methodologies acquired from the recipe books of our forefathers combined with the latest technology and best-practice standards in dairy production, Farm Fresh Ltd aims to re-introduce this once greatly-loved cheese back into the Maltese market. Preheat oven to C, then cut out two rounds with a food stack ring or egg ring. Place the polenta on a greased baking sheet, brush it with olive oil and bake until crispy and browned. You can also deep fry it or pan-fried. The fresher the egg the more it will float to the top. Add vinegar to a pan of steadily simmering water.

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  • Crack eggs individually into a ramekin or cup. Create a whirlpool in the water to help the egg white wrap around the yolk. Slowly tip the egg into the water and leave to cook for 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon and drain onto kitchen paper. Preheat oven to C. Oil a baking tray.

    Cut avocados in half.